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What is Hybrid Conversion??? Feature

Brake. Change Gears. Charge. Go More on Electric Power.

  • Hybrid Transmission/Gear Box for Regeneration of Power for Automobiles process saves on fuel.

  • Charge sustaining powertrain eliminates return-to-base fueling.

  • Provides a 35%-40% increase in kilometers driven per-litre.*

Fast Return on Investment

  • Reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent in urban driving*.

  • A car driving 2000 Kms per month could see approximately Rs.5,000 in a monthly savings*.

No Impact to Your Operations

  • Fast conversion - Installation takes place in about 3-4 weeks per vehicle.

  • Same reliability and durability as a regular vehicle. Use your existing spare parts and expertise.

  • Warranty and service support offered by Folks Motors

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Fuel savings now.

  • Same reliability and durability that you expect from your daily purpose car.

*Terms & Conditions Apply

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