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What is Hybrid Conversion??? Feature

Whats is Hybrid Conversion ?

Our Company is offering, customers to transform their Present Car (Any Car in the Market) in a Hybrid Vehicle (Parallel-Hybrid Configuration) using our Published Patent Technology, Hybrid Transmission System Platform, with 40%* increase in Fuel Efficiency.

A hybrid conversion is a cutting-edge technology designed to transform your existing vehicle, into a hybrid electric vehicle. Folks Motors system is designed to work on any Indian Car, including Hatchbacks/Sedans/SUV etc. By adding hybrid powertrains to your fleet, you can cut fuel costs, reduce your exposure to fuel price fluctuations, and reduce emissions. Why wait? Contact us for sales representatives for more information on how to order.

How Our Hybrid Conversion System Works

Folks Motors adds an electric motor, an advanced Lead Acid/Ni-MH/Lithium Ion battery pack, and sophisticated control software to the vehicle – making significant modifications to the original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) to transmission/gearbox system of your car. Folks Motors’ parallel hybrid system saves fuel through published patent Hybrid Transmission/Gear Box for Regeneration of power for Automobiles, a process by which your car will regenerate electrical power when the driver slows the vehicle when during braking & whenever the driver changes gears or apply clutch which happens very frequently in urban driving conditions, charging the battery. The battery then releases the energy to the electric motor, helping propel the vehicle when drivers accelerate. Our proprietary controls make the electric motor assist smooth and seamless to the driver and passengers.

Who Installs The Hybrid System?

Our technology is now available & can be integrated in your car at any time. We have our own installation facility, all you need to do is Contact Us. Installation takes about 3 weeks. Go Green, Go Hybrid..!!! Start Saving Money Today So go on, Try Our Hybrid System on your car & drive with 40% increase in fuel efficiency.

Go Green, Go Hybrid..!!!

To learn more about how to purchase a hybrid car or to request a demo contact us.

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