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Folks Motor Corporation, focus in Design & Development of Hybrid Vehicles & next generation vehicles in India & look towards delivering products to Indian customers & also look into expansion towards export markets. This will be the first ever company which will be looking towards Hybrid Vehicle Business as concentrated business & starting a new revolution by creating a new segment in the automobile industry in India.

The Indian Auto Industry is a conservative heavy commercial sector which depends on foreign technology solutions & cars run on conventional petrol/diesel fuels. The next phase of auto industry is Hybrid & Electric Vehicles & right now the Indian customer doesn't know much about this technology & products. The current definition of a hybrid vehicle is the vehicle which runs on petrol/diesel & electric power which regenerate electricity with regenerative breaking, & we are changing it.

In order to develop hybrid vehicles, the company holds some exclusive & an efficient range of technologies. We have developed a new technology for hybrid powertrain i.e. Hybrid Transmission/Gearbox, which began a new powertrain configuration for automobiles. Since the products came to India doesn’t hold the value proposition in delivering the product, which offered us to design & deliver our product which offers lower cost of mobility, good space & comfort, & body design to the product at a reasonable value to create good value proposition in our products.

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